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"That the culture care needs of people in the world will be met by nurses prepared in transcultural nursing." Madeleine Leininger

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Categories of Memberships Available

Regular Membership ($125): Regular membership into the Transcultural Nursing Society is open to anyone wishing to learn more about transcultural nursing. You will receive the full benefits of membership and the ability to vote in all elections and meetings.

Retired Membership ($75): Retired membership is for anyone who has retired from working and qualifies as a retired person but would like to maintain a membership to the society.  You will receive the full benefits of membership and the ability to vote in all elections and meetings.

**Student Membership ($75): Student membership is for full time students. In order to qualify for this category you must submit a copy of your student schedule and/or student identification showing that you are a full time student. Documentation must be submitted to the Transcultural Nursing Society by email to . You will receive the full benefits of membership and the ability to vote in all elections and meetings

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Scholars Dues ($50): Annual Scholars dues are paid only by those individuals who have been inducted into the Transcultural Nursing Society Scholars group. For more information about this group, please check our website at

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